The quality of a wooden product depends on the good maturation (drying) of wood.

Raw wood has a moisture content of between 80 and 200 %.

A plank purchased in a store has 15 – 25 % moisture. It is sold at this moisture level, because further drying of the wood is technologically more demanding. Wood with such a water content is “sealed” with paint and its maturation is slowed down. The product subsequently dries after purchase, which can lead to new cracks and deformation over time.

In my barn, at my parents’, my brother’s, and a friend’s in Moravia, pieces of tree trunks, stumps and branches quietly mature. So often I hear: “You have wood everywhere!” (And they have not even seen my bedroom). I cut the raw pieces into smaller pieces in the first workshop, where they are allowed to dry. I process the products in the second workshop, doing most of the work. I almost complete the products in the third workshop, i.e. reduce uneven spots and polish them, at which point they get even drier. When they contain less than 10 % of moisture, usually around 5 -7 %, only then do I finish the product. This ensures that the product will not be subject to destructive processes.

The entire production process of one piece thus stretches over approximately 2 years.

I use electric milling machines, but manual work is fundamental as it is the only way to ensure quality, elegance and control over the details.