Welcome to Luxury Wooden Products.

I present my selection of unlathed dishes, bowls and trays, shelves, tables and other utility art for indoor as well as outdoor use. These products are unique in design and types of wood. I work with the most beautiful European woods – plum, cherry, apple, willow, black walnut, among others. And of course…the atypical parts of a tree, such as the stump and root, nodes, frost cracks, twisted parts, and wood rendered by mushrooms, are important in beautiful design. 

I believe that these “caressed” objects will become esthetic as well as useful items in your home.

Work on contract is possible, so if you have your own wood or idea, let’s see what we can contrive together.



Skype: jiri.anderle

Tel, Viber, WhatsUpp: +420 608 53 55 28